2021 Spring Registration NOW OPEN (through 1/31)


To MVLAGS Families and Those Interested in MVLA Girls Softball,


With a city-approved COVID return-to-play plan in place, our 2021 Spring Registration is now open (register here). We know that times and the environment are uncertain, so we are trying our best to be flexible with the times. Right now we are having a $0 (zero money) upfront registration, so that we can plan to accommodate as many girls as possible while still being thoughtful of the financial hardships that many of our families are going through. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE register early -- We want to help make sure that every girl aged 5-16 who wants to play softball this spring can play, and we are trying our best to plan to make Spring as wonderful as we can in these trying times.


No experience is required, only a great attitude! Please know that both equipment and financial aid are available for those who need it.


Our Spring 2021 season will follow what has been a very successful modified Fall season. We had dozens of girls across seven teams getting (as safely as possible) out in the sun to learn new skills, make new friends, and strive for as much normalcy as possible. A huge thanks to all of the parents, coaches and volunteers for making last Fall happen. It was truly an emotional rollercoaster just to hear what some of the girls and parents are saying:


“I am finally seeing my little girl smile again”


“I love seeing my friends. I don’t get to see them since there is no more school” 


“It is the only piece of normal that I am getting right now”


“My daughter is SO, SO, SO thankful that MVLAGS made this Fall happen”


If you feel safe to do so, please consider having your daughter(s) play softball this spring. We hope that we can get softballs thrown, fight songs sung, bases being stolen, and dirt flying soon. 


Register here.


Thank you so much -- and onward to 2021,


Brian Cullinane (President MVLAGS), on behalf of the MVLAGS Board of Directors




Our City-Approved COVID Return-to-Play Plan

MVLAGS worked with the cities of Mountain View and Los Altos to develop and implement a return-to-play plan that included, but is not limited to the following:

  • Players can only attend MVLAGS spring softball program and no other program simultaneously as per Santa Clara County guidelines

  • Social distancing protocol that included no handshakes, high fives or other contact, 6’ spacing / distancing, closed dugouts, etc.

  • Symptom screening protocol that included temperature checks, hand sanitizer, symptom questionnaire, etc.

  • Reduced adult on-field presence

  • No sharing of equipment

  • Max roster (cohort) size in accordance with Santa Clara County guidance


Volunteers are the Lifeblood of MVLAGS 

Each of you are critical to our success - each season we have over 200 coaches, board members and volunteers. Please consider helping as we plan for the spring. We know that your time is precious, but there is nothing as rewarding as contributing to an organization that is focused on making our community and our young women stronger. If you have an hour -- we can use it. If you can make the commitment to 5 hours a month, consider being on our board. Please contact us -- it is work -- but your daughters will thank you. 


Looking for Brave Moms and Dads to Coach

If you love softball (or baseball), and think that you could potentially have what it takes to parent 13 children at once, consider being a coach! The coaching is less about the skills (we can teach you that), and more about making sure that your daughters are having fun while learning about their athleticism. We can give you the tools, all you need to do is remember that you only have a short time with your daughters before they are grown. They will always remember that mom or dad was there when they caught their first ball, hit their first hit, or threw their first out.

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