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Clinics - Group & Individual

****Feb 2022 Clinic Update*****

In Feb 2022, MVLAGS is hosting a series of softball clinics starting Sunday, February 6, that are free and open to the first 20 girls in each age group to register. Assuming there is a continued demand for the clinics, we'll look to hold more Sunday clinics through the spring season. The February clinics will be at the Shoreline Athletic Fields at 2450 Garcia Ave, Mountain View. 


On Sunday, February 6, we'll hold a hitting clinic.

6U/8U from 9:00 - 10 a.m. (20 spots)

10U/12U from 10:15 – 11:30 a.m. (20 spots)

12U/14U from 11:45- 1pm (20 spots)


On Sunday, February 13, we'll hold a pitching and catching clinic.

6U/8U from 9:00 - 10 a.m. (20 spots)

10U/12U from 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. (20 spots)

12U/14U from 11:30- 12:30 p.m. (20 spots)


On Sunday, February 27, we'll hold a fielding clinic.

6U/8U from 9:00 - 10 a.m. (20 spots)

10U/12U from 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. (20 spots)

12U/14U from 11:30- 12:30 p.m. (20 spots)


We strongly encourage coaches and parents to stay and learn from the clinic instructors.  A parent or guardian must accompany each player to the clinic location, and for 6U and 8U players, a parent or guardian must remain on site while their player is attending the clinics. For the hitting clinic, please have your player bring a bat and helmet if she has them, and if not, we will plan to have some extras available for use.  For the pitching, catching and fielding clinic, please have your player bring a glove. 


Feel free to sign up for any or all of the Feb clinics here

For any questions, please contact Mai Buell at


MVLAGS is excited to offer instructional clinics (both group and individual) as often as possible for the players associated with our league. All players associated with MVLAGS have the opportunity to take part in any clinic offered by MVLAGS.


We aim to offer a variety of clinic options throughout the year, including pitching, hitting, fielding, catching, etc. The cost for participating in each clinic varies with the type of clinic offered, experience of the instructional provider, etc. but MVLAGS pays for at least a portion of every clinic we offer. Some clinics are free of charge (i.e. fully sponsored by the League) while others are partially covered by the league with the remaining cost the responsibility of the individual family.

All MVLAGS clinics can be seen our our MVLAGS league calendar which lists all league events in addition to clinics.

  • For group clinics, a signup sheet (using Google Sheets) is linked in the calendar event. Please open the signup sheet and enter your name if you are interested in taking part in that clinic.

  • For individual clinics, please email with the type of clinic you are interested in (e.g. pitching, hitting, catching, etc). Our Clinic Coordinator will then match you with the individual clinic provider for exact scheduling within the clinic provider's scheduled time block at our facilities.


Q: Who is responsible for the cost of each clinic?

A: MVLAGS dedicates funds to ensure every clinic we offer is at least partially subsidized by MVLAGS. Many of our group clinics are offered for free or with heavy discount (~50%+). For individual clinics, most of the cost is the responsibility of the family (to be paid to the providing instructor) but MVLAGS does contribute $5 towards each individual clinic per player, paid to the providing instructor when they bill the league.

Q: I am an active MVLAGS player, can I sign up for a clinic?

A: Yes! Any player who is an active MVLAGS player (which includes MVLAGS Rec, Nova, and Fusion) are eligible to sign up for any open clinic appointment slot as those players are covered under MVLAGS insurance and within appropriate terms of use of our facility city permits.

Q: I am not an active MVLAGS player, can I still sign up for an offered clinic? 

A: For players who are not active MVLAGS players, we are currently exploring options where contributing back to MVLAGS by being a USA softball registered "Jr Coach" (e.g. helping coach at a 6U or 8U clinic, assisting at 1-2x younger team practices a month, etc). This registration would allow the non-MVLAGS player to qualify under our insurance to take part in clinics offered by MVLAGS.

Q: How are clinic times assigned?

A: Each clinic provider submits their availability & facility requests to MVLAGS. MVLAGS then does our best to schedule clinics according to those requests taking into account league needs and requirements.

Q: I signed up for a clinic slot, but now I cannot make it. What should I do?

A: Please email contact both the clinic provider and saying you cannot make your selected clinic time slot.

Q: Where is a specific clinic taking place?

A: Each clinic should have a listed location in the calendar invite. Typically our clinics happen at either Stevenson Elementary school (American Girl Field, Diamond Girl Field, or the Batting Cage), Callahan Field (on Middlefield), or Shoreline Athletic Fields (near Google campus). If a location is not listed, please contact either the clinic provider or

Q: Are clinics only held on/in permitted facilities?

A: Yes! All clinics offered by MVLAGS use permitted facilities (by either City of Mountain View or Los Altos). This ensures that MVLAGS operates with necessary insurance & within the required city permitting rules. City permit rules do not allow for fully-paid private lessons outside of league sponsored clinics.


Q: I am a coach / instructor interested in becoming a MVLAGS clinic provider, who should I contact?

A: Please email our Clinic Coordinator at to connect about becoming an MVLAGS clinic provider. Once connected, we will work with you to discuss details of group/individual, type of clinic, schedule, etc to find open time at our facilities to host clinic(s). If you do not get a response within a few days, please email

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