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Clinics for Coaches and Players


MVLAGS is planning a variety of clinics for players and coaches before and during the spring season.   The emphasis of the clinics will be on coaching the coaches - supporting our coaches with the basic knowledge, drills and techniques to implement sound practices and raise the level of play for all ages.  We will hold a few clinics run by external organizations with softball expertise to share with our players and coaches.  


Coaches are encourage to attend clinics to lend a hand and to learn from experienced coaches who lead the clinics.  Local softball programs (including Stanford University, Santa Clara University and Mountain View High School) also periodically offer player skills clinics.  Clinics will be posted on the MVLAGS Calendar and are shown below.


Any questions, or comments related to coaching support within the league can be sent to

Big Al's Online Training Resources

MVLAGS has purchased a comprehensive coach, manager, and parent training package from Big Al's popular training program at


The program includes videos on how to teach the skills, lots of drills to incorporate into your practices and help in identifying and correcting common mistakes. There are ready-to-go practice plans for the pre-season, during the season and plans to help prepare for the post-season. The strategy section covers positional play and roles and responsibilities of players in game situations. It also has tips and plans to help you be effective as a coach on game day. Big Al has designed this Coaching program to help you from the start of a season to the finish.


Coaches and Managers can access the Coach/Parent Training Program Bundle with the For Coach instructions below.


Parents can access the Parent Training Program with the For Parents instructions below.


For Coaches: Big Al's Online Sign-Up Instructions for Coaches

For Parents: Big Al's Online Sign-Up Instructions for Parents


Planning Practices

There is a clear correlation between team improvement and practice organization.  This is true regardless of the experience of the staff.  That is, a very experienced coaching staff which does not plan practices may not witness as much skill improvement as a less experienced staff that puts an emphasis on practice planning.  Probably the most important factor is dividing the team members into groups, so that each player has a higher ratio of activity (to inactivity).  If different staff members are teaching different skills at separate stations, the groups of players can be cycled through the stations with less downtime and with more variety.  Keep the players interested.


In considering a practice, there should be:


1.  A PURPOSE - What you're trying to accomplish.  Such as, what are the different skills you want to impart during this practice (or this week or this season)?


2.  A PLAN - The approach to accomplishing the purpose.  Such as, what drills will be used during the practice?


3.  THE DETAILS - Which staff members will lead which drill?  How can player inactivity be minimized?  What space and what equipment are required for each drill station?  How much time should be devoted to the drills.


Here is a link to "How to Run a Bad Softball Practice."

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