2021 Spring Rec Season

We are almost ready to start our Spring softball season! Practices will start the week of March 8th and we can't wait to get us all back on to the field.

Spring Season & Return to Play Approach

Our priority this spring will be providing a fun, outdoor, social (but distanced), environment to grow the love of softball. Skill development will be emphasized, but we believe the most important thing we can do is give these players some sense of normalcy.  To learn more about the procedures MVLAGS will have in place for our 2021 Spring rec season, please click here.


Equipment Lending Program​

The Board of Directors has been working very hard to make sure this will be a fun and safe season for all the players. To that end and in compliance with public health recommendations, there will be no shared team equipment this season (helmets, bats, catcher's gear). Instead, we have implemented an equipment lending program where players may borrow equipment for personal use the entire season. If your player needs a helmet, bat or catcher's gear (only needed if they want to play catcher and limited to 3 per team), please send an email to Mai Buell at fundraising@mvlags.org


While we are not yet approved for games, chances are looking good for us to be able to play games this season. We will open our season with a few weeks of practices, but if trends continue, games could start as early as March 27th.


Donating to MVLAGS

We felt that it was the right decision not to charge for our Spring ‘21 season. If you would like to donate to help cover league costs though, you can do so at our PayPal account (treasurer@mvlags.org).


Forming Teams

Following Mountain View’s rule of not allowing tryouts, MVLAGS did not conduct in-person evaluations this year (typically done to balance our teams). We did our best to form teams by 1) grouping those with similar skill levels and experience, allowing us to better tailor practices, and 2) prioritizing social interaction (similar ages, registration buddy requests & same school). We will not be having “Select” teams this spring.

Summer Travel Ball

For those players and families who are interested in travel ball this summer and assuming SCC allows it, MVLAGS is intending to support NOVA travel ball teams at the 10U, 12U, and 14U age divisions. Hopefully evaluations can take place in late May and we will be sending more information as we get closer to the summer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out,


Brian Cullinane (President MVLAGS), on behalf of the entire MVLAGS Board




Volunteers are the Lifeblood of MVLAGS 

Each of you are critical to our success - each season we have over 200 coaches, board members and volunteers. Please consider helping as we plan for the spring. We know that your time is precious, but there is nothing as rewarding as contributing to an organization that is focused on making our community and our young women stronger. If you have an hour -- we can use it. If you can make the commitment to 5 hours a month, consider being on our board. Please contact us -- it is work -- but your daughters will thank you. 


Looking for Brave Moms and Dads to Coach

If you love softball (or baseball), and think that you could potentially have what it takes to parent 13 children at once, consider being a coach! The coaching is less about the skills (we can teach you that), and more about making sure that your daughters are having fun while learning about their athleticism. We can give you the tools, all you need to do is remember that you only have a short time with your daughters before they are grown. They will always remember that mom or dad was there when they caught their first ball, hit their first hit, or threw their first out.

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