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Are you interested in being an umpire for MVLAGS softball games? You can earn money as an umpire in our league and see the game from a whole new perspective!


With close to 300 games that require MVLAGS umpires each season, we need both adult and youth umpires on our staff. Youth umpire positions are available for girls who meet the age requirement, have availability in the spring to umpire multiple games, and have some playing experience or special knowledge of the game. Preference is given to youth umpires who are current participants in our league and to adult umpires who are actively involved with our league.


Umpires are paid for each game and umpires will be paid the same rate for games umpired (regardless of division) based on their certification level. All umpires will complete MVLAGS umpire certification coursework online and youth umpires will be required to attend field-based clinics and classroom training sessions and to have an email address to stay up on umpire notices.


Our Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) staff schedules umpires for games based on need, certification levels, and umpire availability (umpires will access a web-based calendar application to choose games they wish to umpire subject to approval by the UIC)

Any girl born on or before Dec 31st 2006 is eligible to be an umpire in Spring 2019.  

MVLAGS umpires receive:


Comprehensive training, both online and on the field during practices, scrimmages. and clinics throughout the year

Pay commensurate to your umpire certification level regardless of game division level (*)

Complimentary access to umpire gear

Complimentary MVLAGS umpire uniform

Regular updates from and interaction with the Umpire-in- Chief

(*) Dependent on age, training level, and UIC approval. Co-payment of umpire insurance may apply


For all of our umpires, youth and adult, the first game's pay goes toward insurance. After that, it's all gravy!


Interested? Email and submit and Umpire Application.

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