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Your Role as Team Manager

The Team Manager has ultimate responsibility for the team as the primary supervising adult and administrative manager for practices and games. But don’t worry you do not have to supervise every practice/game as you will have help from your Practice Crew! Your role includes communication between parents and the league, ensuring player safety and emotional well-being, working with the coaching staff to see that playing time is distributed fairly, managing the dugout during games, and coordination of team parent volunteers. In late Jan/early Feb the league holds a Managers & Coaches training event where you will be given a Team Manager’s Binder containing the info outlined below.


The focus of your role is to:

  • Communicate with families about their volunteer duties, practices, games and events

  • Communicate with the coaches and the league on the needs of the team 

  • Ensure safety of the girls at practices and games 

  • Build team spirit and confidence in the girls


As a Team Manager, you will be supported by our Board of Director Manager Coordinator role and you will participate in league-run training and on-line ACE Certification training to help you be prepared and successful as a manager. 


Safety – at all practices and games

  • The First Aid Kit and The Manager’s Binder contain critical items/information that your team might need at any practice or game, first aid supplies, emergency contact info, the Safety Manual, and incident forms. 

  • MVLAGS requires that at least one adult is present at each team event (practices and games). This can be the manager or adult from the Practice Crew. Although it is expected that one of these individuals will be at the vast majority of all team events, in the event that a a member of the Practice Crew cannot attend a team event, another parent from the team may sub for them.

  • Drop off and Pick up –  Stress to parents that they must walk their players to and from practices and games.  It is not safe to drop them at the curb or wait for them in the parking lot. Without this process, children would have been dropped off at the wrong field/wrong time. The adult who has the team binder is responsible for making sure that all players are picked up before she leaves the field. The binder contains contact information and the emergency medical release for each player.



Team Managers will use TeamSnap (available in your mobile device’s app store) as the primary way to communicate with parents. Here are some step-by-step instructions for doing several tasks in TeamSnap:

  • Adding Events, Practices or Games click on Schedule, click on New Event (for meetings or practices) or New Game. Choose the correct location from the drop down list. When entering the info, click on "Show Optional Info" to include notes, arrival time and duration of the activity. Note: Team schedules will be automatically uploaded into TeamSnap at the start of the season

  • Send Availability Reminders click on the Availability Tab and click on the small envelope icon just below an upcoming event.  TeamSnap will send a reminder to families who have not yet responded.

  • Tip:  Use the Assignments tab for snacks, Practice Crew, and/or Field Crew duty (and anything else people need to remember to do or bring to a specific game or practice).  

  • Tip:  Availability - As manager, you can update any player's availability so if some families are not often online, print the Availability info for the team and pass it around the stands during games for people to check off their availability on paper (then you can update it in TeamSnap).


Team Manager's Binder

If you want to see/print the entire contents of a Team Manager's binder, click on the appropriate link below to download a PDF file of the full Team Manager's binder for your division:

  • 6U Team Manager's Binder - full contents

  • 8U Team Manager's Binder - full contents

  • 10U and above Team Manager's Binder - full contents


The Team Manager's binder contains the documents below as well as information from many areas of the website:


General Information


Team Meeting Night Materials

  • Team Managers also receive all the materials you will need to run a successful Team Meeting Night.

  • Overview and Sample Agenda

  • Uniform Distribution at Team Meeting

  • Team Meeting Night - Volunteer Roles

    • Job Description - Field Crew

    • Job Description - Snack Shack

    • Job Description - Scorekeeper

    • Job Description - Practice Crew

  • After you email your Volunteer list to immediately following Team Meeting Night, the parent volunteers on your team will receive more in-depth Volunteer Job Descriptions (see below) via email with instructions regarding training for their roles and information they need to be successful in those roles.  

  • Click here to download an entire Team Meeting Night packet.




For all forms, policies, rules and field set-up instructions, please see the FORMS, POLICIES, RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS page under ‘League info’ on our MVLAGS website.



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