• All team staff volunteers must submit an online application including a background check, agree to abide by the Team Staff Code of Conduct and must be approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Volunteer position sign-ups are offered during your daughter's initial registration process through TeamSnap. 

  • In late Jan/early Feb, Managers and Coaches will be required to attend a Managers and Coaches training event plus a Safety & First Aid training event. Chaperones will be required to attend the Safety & First Aid training event.


TEAM MANAGER (Female 21+ years of age):

The team manager has ultimate responsibility for the team as the primary supervising female and administrative manager for all practices and games. This includes communication between parents and the league, ensuring player safety and emotional well-being, working with the coaching staff to see that playing time is distributed fairly, dugout management during games and coordination of team parent volunteers.
Time Requirement: Manager attends all games and most practices.

HEAD COACH (Must be 21+ years of age):

Plans and oversees all practices and games. Goals are to develop each player and teach overall softball skills and game strategy in a fun and positive manner. The Head Coach also directs and develops the Assistant Coaches.     

Time Requirement: Must be available for at least 95% of all Games & Practices, ideally 100% of games and practices


ASSISTANT COACH (Must be 21+ years of age):

Works with the Head Coach at all practices and games to teach and develop softball skills in a positive safe environment. 

Time Requirement: Must be available for at least 75% of all games & practices, ideally 100% of games & practices


CHAPERONE (Female 21+ years of age):

Attends games and practices to assist the Team Manager as needed. Chaperones help ensure that there is at least one adult female at every team event for player supervision and safety. 

Time Requirement: Chaperones coordinate with one another to be sure that there are two females at all games & practices.