FIELD CREW PARENT (1 family per team for 6U, 4 families per team for 8U and up)

The Team Field Crew Parents are responsible for ensuring that the team's games are played on a safe, groomed and well-marked (painted or chalked) field. The Field Crew Parent is also responsible for putting away the bases, etc., when the team has the last game on the field that day. As a rule of thumb, your team will be responsible for field crew duty when your team is the home team and you play the first game of the day on Saturdays, and before weekday games when your team is the home team. 
Time commitment for the field crew volunteer position is 4-6 hours over the course of the season (8am on Saturdays and/or 4:30pm on weeknights before games). 

SCOREKEEPER (all levels except 6U)

Keeps game records during league and inter-league games and turns in game records to the Head Scorekeeper and Manager at the end of each game. Acts as scorekeeper of record when their team is the home team and may be called on by the umpire to verify game information. The Scorekeeper must attend all games or ensure that another trained scorekeeper is present. No experience is necessary. A scorekeeper training clinic is held before the start of the season and resources are available below.  
Time Requirement: Keeps score at all games and should arrive 15 minutes before game time.



Each Snack Shack parent will be assigned 8 hours of snack shack duty during the course of season. This can be broken up into two hour shifts and can be scheduled anytime the Snack Shack is open, not only during your child’s game times.  There are also options to do 8-hour projects from home in lieu of Snack Shack shifts.  
Time Requirement: 8 Hours self-scheduled during the season.



Pays for the team banner - makes or buys a team banner and brings it to each game.  6U & 8U banners need frames to be placed in the grass by the field.  10U and above use clips to to hang the banner on the dugout fence. All banners need to include the logo and/or name of the team sponsor.
Time Requirement: minimal, cost ranges from $20 to $85



The team sponsor parent either sponsors the team themselves or recruits a team sponsor from a business they frequent or with whom they have a contact. Ideally the sponsors are identified quickly so the Banner Parent can get the sponsor information at Team Meeting Night. This person also makes sure the Sponsor gets the sponsor plaque at the end of the season. 
Time Requirement: as quick as writing a check or a few hours to find a sponsor