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Summer Stars Shine Brighter Than Ever!

Summer Stars Overview

  • No try outs - the team staff members identified for each group (2 Managers, 2 Head Coaches and 2 Asst Coaches) and their players will be the start of the group and the remaining spots are filled first-come, first-served.    
  • Practices are Monday and Friday evenings with games on Saturday. Practices start Monday, June 5th; season ends with the last game on Saturday, July 15th.
  • Games and practices are all held on local fields.
  • Both coaches and players will be developed through clinics with external experts.
  • Priority is given to MVLAGS spring rec players and all spots were filled by girls who are currently playing on MVLAGS spring teams.  
Thank you to all of the enthusiastic parents who are interested in volunteering as coaches and managers! 

Focus on Development and Fun

Summer Stars is a summer program that offers a different kind of softball experience than Nova travel ball or any other.  While it shares core ambitions with Nova – inspired skill building, healthy competition, and interpersonal development – it continues with a flavor of its own in the way teams are formed, reformed, and blended each week.

Summer Stars has an absolute focus on development – players and staff, physical and emotional.  Development trumps every other motive in the Summer Stars program.

Fun!   Players are free from fretting over win-loss ratios or being stressed by being on a high-pressure team.  Summer Stars games are to be the most fun one can have playing softball and the most developmentally rich.  Players have fun exercising skills while not worrying over the outcomes.  Each Saturday’s game is played with newly blended teams – nothing is static, and no statistics are kept.   The focus is on fun and development of all players.

Divisions and Player Eligibility

Players wiill sign up for the division in which she will be playing in the spring recreation season the coming year.  For example. a first year 8U player will be an 8U Summer Star, but a second year 8U player will be a 10U Summer Star.  This means that players have a leg up when the next spring recreation season arrives.  To understand how important this is, read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Outliers”.

A player does not have to try out for Nova first.  The important matter is that we encourage players who are enthusiastic about the game to sign up for Summer Stars so the experience will be the most exciting and rewarding possible.

Girls born in 2002 through 2010 are eligible to play in Summer Stars in summer 2017. 


Practice Schedule, Clinics and Games

Summer Stars players practice two evenings per week, usually on Mondays and Fridays.   Practices are held with the entire division (all 30 players practice together).   In addition, each Summer Stars group will enjoy weekly hitting practice at All Star Academy and specialist coaches who will come to Summer Stars practices to focus on specific skills.

Games are held every Saturday morning.   Within each division, two balanced teams are formed each week to play a game.  No win/loss or player statistics are kept in Summer Stars.