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Kathy hayes

Contact Information

General Contact Information

We encourage you to communicate directly with the league. You can contact any board member below by email. We will respond as soon as possible.

Mailing Address/Phone:

     Mountain View-Los Altos Girls Softball League
     P.O. Box 4264
     Mountain View, CA 94040

Interleague Games Contact Information

Coaches and Managers for 12U and 14U divisions will be emailed contact and field location information for interleague games.

Current Board Members

President Trish Moore [email protected]
     Umpire in Chief Andria Fenner [email protected]
         Assistant OPEN [email protected]
         Special Advisor to the UIC Bruce Campbell  
     Scorekeeper Marika Sykora [email protected]
     Scheduler Chris & Suzan Grisanti [email protected]
         Assistant OPEN  
     Summer Stars OPEN [email protected]
     Travel (Nova) Brenda Barrios [email protected]
     Emeritus Advisor Ken Larson [email protected]
     Emeritus Advisor Randy Hair [email protected]
     Emeritus Advisor John Parks [email protected]
     Emeritus Advisor Terry McHugh [email protected]
     Emeritus Advisor Alan Lundberg [email protected]
     Emeritus Advisor Craig Pampeyan [email protected]
Vice President - Operations John Wong [email protected]
     Field Crew Chief Charlie Smith & Charlie Crane [email protected]
     Equipment Alfred Wang [email protected]
     Uniforms Kerry Smith [email protected]
Vice President - Development   [email protected]
     Player Development Teale McCleaf [email protected]
     Coach Administration OPEN [email protected]
     Staff Certification OPEN [email protected]
Treasurer Dave White [email protected]
     Fundraising / Sponsorships OPEN [email protected]
     Snack Shack Coordinator OPEN [email protected]
     Snack Shack Schedulers

OPEN (was Nina Brauer & Gloria Turner)


[email protected]
     Snack Shack Purchasers

Pati Bristow  OPEN

[email protected]
Secretary Will Rees [email protected]
     Webmaster & Statistics Hung Le

[email protected]

     Events - Photo Day OPEN [email protected]
Marketing   [email protected]
     Ambassadors Program Kathryn Han [email protected]
Player Agent Anne Voigts [email protected]
     Safety Kristen White [email protected]
     ASA Liaison Amy Reilly [email protected]
     Player Agent - 6U OPEN [email protected]
     Player Agent - 8U OPEN [email protected]
     Player Agent - 10U OPEN [email protected]
     Player Agent - 12U OPEN [email protected]
     Player Agent - 14U OPEN [email protected]
     Registrar (Acting) Anne Voigts [email protected]
           Asst. Registrar OPEN [email protected]

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